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G&SWR Locomotive List after the renumbering in 1919 plus locomotives added 1919-23

Click HERE to access an Excel Spreadsheet with details of the G&SWR Locomotive List after the renumbering in 1919 plus locomotives added 1919-23. (Note this is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer rather than Netscape)

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G&SWR Appendix to the Working Timetable, March 1898


The G&SWR Association is pleased to announce the publication of  the ‘G&SWR Appendix to the Working Timetable, March 1898’, a publication which is a reprint of an official railway Appendix to the Working Timetable.


The publication consists of 120 pages + card cover to A4 size, ringbound and with a thin card cover.  There are no photographs within the publication, although there are assorted diagrams, whilst the text has been assembled and presented in a tablature format. The publication has been ringbound to facilitate one adding one’s own research notes and supplementary material. Overall, this is a most important publication in relation to our chosen railway.


Copies of this publication are available to purchase @ £ 10-00 per copy, including post & packing, with all finance made payable to the ‘G&SWR Association’.  Overseas customers kindly add £ 2-00 to the above cost to help offset the costs of overseas airmail postage.


All orders & queries should be sent to :                    

Mr.John Jones,

5   Garvock Drive,


Renfrewshire   PA15  4BZ



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 Station Register : amendments.

We have just published the first set of amendments to the ‘G&SWR Station Register’, which recently appeared in print. These amendments consist of tablature data printed on A4 sheets, which total 13 in number. The cost per set is £ 2-00, along with £ 1-00 for post & packing, with all finance made payable to the ‘G&SWR Association’. All orders for these amendments should be sent to Mr.John Jones, whose address/telephone are immediately above.

Recent Sou’West Journals


Contents of Sou’West Journal, No. 37:

Freight business of the G & SWR in 1910

Shunting at Stevenston in the 1880s

In the steps of the Scottish locomotive engineers

Line description Thornhill to Dumfries

G&SWR motor ambulance cars 1917

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by Stuart Rankin (Journal Editor)

‘Station Register’

At present the next Profile or two are not quite ready for publication, thus it falls to me at this regular ‘Autumn Sales Slot’ to offer another excellent proposed publication that is about to become ready at just the right time. Our member David Lindsay has been working for several years, since early retirement, on a Register of Stations and Lines of the G&SWR and its associated Joint Lines.

This has been the subject of very meticulous research by David over a much longer period, and he has sent several earlier draft versions for checking and proof reading, so we can vouch for his diligence of work. Many of the dates are familiar, of course, but it is the first time all stations and lines have been set down in a consistent manner with this object of recording all available dates and able to be supported with authoritative sources. This is definitely a major work of reference and one which can be commended to all members.

Owing to the need for a larger format, the ‘Station Register’ is A4 size and should be bound, simply so that it can have individual pages updated in the future as required.


Profiles Under Development

The Profiles under present development are:- ‘Manson 6’9" 4-4-0 Classes’, and ‘Railways of the Three Towns - Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston’. It has not yet been decided on the order of these, and there are others in the pipeline, but we are sure that some progress on this front should be reported.

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Sou’West Profile No. 1 - Centenary, Dumfries Station Hotel

A5 size, 20 pages art paper plus card covers, text, photographs and drawings

Sold Out!!!

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Sou’West Profile No. 2 - The 22 Class 0-6-0 Goods (Smellie) by Andrew Munro

A5 format, 20 pages art paper plus card covers. Text drawings and photographs one on of the many "maid of all works" ferquently overlooked at the time. A good study into one of the unsung, but main breadwinners of Scottish railways. Details rebuilds, allocations and varioations.

Sold Out!!!

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Sou’West Profile No. 3 - G & SWR Signalling by Andrew Swan

A very interesting coverage of signalling from the earliest days to the grouping with drawings of signalling components and plans of four of the standard cabins, along with many photographs. A supplement details all known signal cabins and the types used. This includes LMS, BR and ScotRail cabins.

This booklet is a gem not only for the Sou'West fans, but for anyone wishing a better understanding of signaling as it is a very good example of a concise catalogue of signalling description and log of all cabins on the lines - of interest to the railway enthusiast interested in signalling, not just the Sou west fan.

Selling very quickly!

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Sou’West Profile No. 4 - The Ayr and Cumnock Branch

A history of this line through the heart of the Ayrshire coalfield, which was a prime source of revenue for the Sou West. This latest profile deals with the archaetypal mineral branch from the less glamorous side of the Sou'west lacking in the glamour of the Pullman and main line services but about the equally lucrative coal traffic.  It includes full signal diagrams, period photographs, many previously unseen photos, station drawings, track plans and interesting descriptions of an important line in the profits of the Sou'West. The history of this fascinating line is explored from pre-planning to demise. A must for all Sou'West fans.


Written by Stuart Rankin, it is a good companion to anyone intersted in the Ayrshire Valley traffic.

Selling very quickly!

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Sou’West Profile  No 5 on the Ardrossan to Largs Branch

Written by Stewart Clinton, this 32 page booklet provides an overview of the Largs branch from 1885 to the present day, illustrated with photographs and drawings of trains and buildings on the line.


Copies are available from Arnold Tortorella, 174 Newlands Road, Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4ES - £4.50 postage included, payable 'G&SWR Association'. This issue has been so popular that a reprint has become necessary at the printer so order your copy now! It will also be on sale at our stand at Model Rail Scotland, SECC Glasgow 22-24 February at the counter price of £4.00. The quality of the Association's commercial printer in making the best of some rare photographs makes this worth a look.


Selling very quickly!

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This whole profile range is selling fast - Number One has sold out (Dumfries Hotel) issue two is very nearly gone and three, four and five are selling quickly.

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